Changing A Life

Our products support the well-being of body systems, cleanse and beautify, promote healthy living; and the Young Living business can lead to prosperity and the fun of entertainment and travel." Mary Young

As the mom of a child allergic to all antibiotics, I was thrilled to learn how Young Living's oils support well-being. I wanted my daughter's immune system to be in tip-top shape. I used oils to support a healthy immune system and oils that are calming, to reduce stress, which affects the immune system. I love how these oils promoted vitality in our whole family as I began using them for our health, our pets' health, and for a natural and healthy home.

When you love something, you talk about it with others. I shared the many ways to use oils with friends and family. They started using and sharing the oils, too, and I began getting paychecks from Young Living. This company believes in "Love it, Share it." And when you share it, you earn money. Those checks keep getting bigger and bigger, and I'm on my way to more and more travel opportunities as well, paid for by Young Living.

My life has been completely changed by essential oils, and not just any brand of oils can do what Young Living's oils can do. When there weren't clear standards for quality, Young Living set them and other companies are following. We start with the highest quality of natural seed, and farm on land that hasn't had synthetic chemicals applied to it. Then every step of the way, we make sure what goes in the bottle is the best it can be. That’s part of our Seed to Seal promise. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we won’t sell it. It's our quality promise to you. The testing done to ensure the quality of our oils is unparallelled. We are the first company in the world to combine essential oils and dietary supplements. We have over-the-counter products that use nature's substances for health and pain relief, rather than synthetic chemicals. Are you ready to get started? I keep Start Kits in stock, so you can begin using Young Living Essential Oils today!